SSI2144 & SSI2164

SSI2144 from Sound Semiconductor

  • Four-pole voltage controlled filter (VCF)
  • SSOP-16 package
  • Modern successor of classic SSM2044 filter chip
  • Better Q matching between devices
  • Sonically almost identical to SSM2044 (tested in Polysix synthesizer)
  • Using our SSI2144 to SSM2044 adapter makes possible to replace the old 2044 with a modern 2144
  • The price below DOESN’T INCLUDE adapter PCB! If needed, purchase it extra

Datasheet (pdf-file):  SSI2144_datasheet_rev.2.2



SSI2144 to SSM2044 – assembly example


SSI2164 from Sound Semiconductor

  • Quad voltage controlled amplifier
  • SOIC-16 package
  • Modern successor of the classic SSM2164 VCA chip
  • Compatible pin out to SSM2164

Datasheet (pdf-file):  SSI2164_datasheet_rev.3.0


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