Adapter PCBs: DIP & SIP

About panelized Adapter PCBs: SMD to DIP & SIP for synthesizer techs & DIY

Synth techs and DIY enthusiast very often face the problem with typical synth parts that are no more widely available. These are e.g. transconductance OP amps (BA662, CA3080), filters (SSM2044), transistors (2SA1015, 2SC945 etc.), transistor pairs (2SA798, 2SC1583) and others. But, after intensive search and experiments it is obvious that all mentioned parts can be replaced by modern equivalents. Normally these modern equivalents are made in SMD packages, so it is not possible to use them directly in vintage gear. To make it possible an adapter PCB is needed.

Two different types of panelized adapter PCBs were made: „adapters-sip“ and „adapters-dip“. First type of adapter PCB has SIP (Single In-line Package) contacts and second type has DIP (Dual In-line Package) contacts. Vintage THT (Through Hole Technology) parts such as transistors and Japanese OP amps usel SIL packages (e.g. BA662, 2SA798). Another OP amps use DIP packages (e.g. CA3080).

Each type of panelized board has up to 10 different small PCB layouts (= sub-layouts). Each layout is suitable for one particular SMD package (e.g. SOIC-8, SOT-23, SC-70, TSSOP-14 etc.). Every type of layout is duplicated several times (typically 12 to 20 times) on the big panelized board. That’s why the name „panelized“. Small sub-PCB are separated horizontally with a milling. Vertically they are pre-separated with V-scoring. It is easy to break individual small PCBs with hands.

Let’s check each adapter PCB in detail!


Vertical V-scoring on panelized adapter PCBs



Panelized adapter PCB, SMD to SIP = „adapters-sip“

This board has 10 sub-layouts with totally 186 pcs. of panelized sub-PCBs:

  • 13700 → 662 [12 pcs]
  • SO-8 → SIP-8 [16 pcs]
  • SOT-23-5 → SIP-5 [20 pcs]
  • SOT-23-6 → SIP-6 [20 pcs]
  • SC-70 → SIP-3 [20 pcs]
  • PMP-V,Y → TOSH [20 pcs]
  • SOT-363 → SIP-6 [21 pcs]
  • PMP-G → TOSH [21 pcs]
  • SOT-23 → SIP-3 [18 pcs]
  • BCM → TOSH [18 pcs]







Panelized „adapters-sip“ PCB, total and partial view



Plated half holes: this makes possible to solder the adapter PCBs directly onto the main board

13700 → 662 [12 pcs]

  • This layout makes possible to use the LM13700 OTA as Roland BA662 OTA
  • The replacement of a BA662 with a LM13700 works in most cases. Check schematic before using it.


13700 → 662 raw PCB


LM13700 to BA662 – assembly example

SO-8 → SIP-8 [16 pcs]

  • A lot of Japanese equipment is populated with OP amps in SIP-8 package (e.g. M5218AL). These OP amps have only average parameters and normally it is desired to replace these OP amps with some high performance type. Today’s market offers a huge amount of different high performance OP amps in SO-8 package


SO-8 → SIP-8 raw PCB


SOT-23-5 → SIP-5 [20 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in SOT-23-5 package


SOT-23-5 → SIP-5 raw PCB


SOT-23-6 → SIP-6 [20 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in SOT-23-6 package


SOT-23-6 → SIP-6 raw PCB


SC-70 → SIP-3 [20 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in SOT-23-6 package
  • Assembly example: 2SK879-GR to 2SK30A-GR (see photo below)


SC-70 → SIP-3 raw PCB


PMP-V,Y → TOSH [20 pcs]

  • Using PMP5201/4201 in V and Y packages as Toshiba transistor pairs 2SA798/1583 respectively




SOT-363 → SIP-6 [21 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in SOT-363 package


SOT-363 → SIP-6 raw PCB


PMP-G → TOSH [21 pcs]

  • Using PMP5201/4201 in G packages as Toshiba transistor pairs 2SA798/1583 respectively
  • Why use this package if we already have V and Y package? The reason is simple: PMP5201/4201 aren’t always available in V,Y or G packages. Both layouts make you independent from the package that is currently available at your supplier.
  • PMP5201/4201 pairs have tighter matching tolerances than 2SA798/1583 so in some cases these are very desired parts




SOT-23 → SIP-3 [18 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in SOT-23 package
  • This layout is especially useful when making a replacement of small signal Japanese transistors 2SA/2SC.  Unfortunately, these transistors have non compatible pin out to normally available transistors (BC or 2N series). Check the pic below. It would be necessary to cross E-B or B-C pins to get the 2SC.. pinout. Using of SOT-23 → SIP-3 adapter eliminates this problem. This adapter allows to achieve for example a 2SC945 pinout with SMD MMBT3904 or BC847 transistors. All these transistors have very similar parameters. In this way you can proceed when choosing a replacement for another small signal 2SA/2SC device.
  • You may object – why use this complicated way to get a 2SA/2SC pinout. 2SA1815 or 2SC1015 and others are widely available transistors. True, but from Asian dubious manufacturers and sellers. Transistors from famous brands like NXP, ON etc. are high quality products with guaranteed electrical parameters




SOT-23 → SIP-3 raw PCB


BCM → TOSH [18 pcs]

  • Using BCM857/847 transistors in SOT-23-6 packages as Toshiba transistor pairs 2SA798/1583 respectively
  • In comparison to PMP5201/4201 transistors, BCM devices are available in SOT-23-6 packages with a pitch 0,95mm. This is quite wide pitch in comparison to PMP 0,5mm or 0,65mm pitch. That means, soldering of BCM is much more easy. But, BCM transistors have bigger matching tolerances in comparison to PMP devices. On the other hand, BCM are direct replacements of 798/1583 transistors because they have identical matching parameters.




SOT-23 → SIP-3, SC-70 → SIP-3, PMP-G → TOSH, BCM → TOSH – assembly examples



Panelized adapter PCB, SMD to DIP  = „adapters-dip“

This board has 9 sub-layouts with totally 171 pcs. of panelized sub-PCBs:

  • SSI2144 → SSM2044 [15 pcs]
  • TSSOP-14 → DIP-14 [15 pcs]
  • TSSOP-16 → DIP-16 [15 pcs]
  • SO-8 → DIP-8 [15 pcs]
  • SO-14 → DIP-14 [15 pcs]
  • SO-16 → DIP-16 [15 pcs]
  • 13700 → 3080 [15 pcs]
  • Polysix/Monopoly tactile switch mechanism – repair plates [2x 33 pcs]







Panelized „adapters-dip“ PCB, total and partial view


SSI2144 → SSM2044 [15 pcs]

  • This adapter uses a modern reissue of classic SSM2044 filter chip, the SSI2144!
  • In comparison to most available 2144 to 2044 adapters, this one is as slim as possible and fits in every synth PCB with SSM2044 filter
  • This adapter was tested in a Polysix polysynth. Surprisingly, the SSI2144 sounds identically to SSM2044 filter! It it possible to replace a 2044 chip with a 2144 chip in one voice, re-calibrate it and it will sound similar in comparison to another five voices with 2044 chips! Worth mentioning, at high Q (resonance at maximum), the chip behaves a bit different. The resonance slope differs from that of SSM2044. But this is only audible at high Q when filter works as oscillator. Normal presets use lower Q settings and there is no audible (for normal ear) difference between voices.
  • If you are a perfectionist, change all six 2044 to 2144 and recalibrate the synth!
  • SSI2144 was made in more advanced technology, in comparison to 2044. The Q matching between 2144 devices is much tighter


SSI2144 → SSM2044 raw PCB



SSI2144 to SSM2044 – assembly example

TSSOP-14 → DIP-14 [15 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in TSSOP-14 package


TSSOP-14 → DIP-14 raw PCB


TSSOP-16 → DIP-16 [15 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in TSSOP-16 package


TSSOP-16 → DIP-16 raw PCB


SO-8 → DIP-8 [15 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in SO-8 package
  • Assembly example: OPA2277 SO-8 to OPA2277 DIP-8. You may object: why make this adapter if OPA2277 is also available in DIP-8. Simply because sometimes there is no OP amp in DIP in the lab. But you need it immediately to end your repair job! This is sometimes very useful.


SO-8 → DIP-8 raw PCB


SO-14 → DIP-14 [15 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in SO-14 package


SO-14 → DIP-14 raw PCB


SO-16 → DIP-16 [15 pcs]

  • General purpose adapter for devices in SO-16 package


SO-16 → DIP-16 raw PCB


13700 → 3080 [15 pcs]

  • This adapter is suitable for making a CA3080 replacement from a half of LM13700.
  • This replacement will work almost in every circuit with a CA3080. But, always check the schematic before using this replacement. Possibly, some value changes of other parts would be necessary.


13700 → 3080 raw PCB


OPA2277 SO-8 to OPA2277 DIP-8, LM13700 to CA3080 – assembly examples



SO-16 to DIP-16 without a SMD chip – assembly example




All four DIP assembly examples together


Polysix/Monopoly tactile switch mechanism – repair plates [2x 33 pcs]

  • Tactile switch mechanism is hard to find nowadays. You can buy sone on ebay for a high price. These repair plates make possible to repair your switches for a very low price. Some craftsmanship skills are needed!
  • The pic below shows an example assembly. Copper wires are 0,4 … 0,6mm thick. Drill diameter 0,6mm. DIN6798 M3 is used as a distance element


Repair plates for Polysix tactile switch mechanism


Tactile switch mechanism repair – step by step



Miscellaneous INFORMATION concerning Adapter PCBs

  • We prefer to sell the entire Adapter PCB than only one type of sub-PCBs. That’s why the entire board is much cheaper than the individual types of sub-PCBs. The reason: too much work with breaking out of individual types of sub-PCBs and non uniform selling of the Adapter PCB
  • We do not sell only few pieces of one type of sub-PCBs. Only all sub-PCBs of the same type from the whole panelized adapter PCB are sold. For example, „adapters-dip“ consists of 15 pcs. of SSI2144 to SSM2044 sub-PCBs. We sell only all 15 pcs. Or 30 pcs. And so on.
  • If you need special parts that are depicted on the photos (PMP/BCM transistor pairs, SSI2144 etc.), contact us! Minimum order quantity 20 pcs per item.



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