This page includes some information about repair of vintage analog synths. This website should be extended to an extensive vintage analog synth repair database. Four main sections are planned:

  1. Fault database. We will upload all our documented repairs of different synthesizers.
  2. Complete synth restorations
  3. Pic database. It is always desirable to have inner and exterior pics of a synth. And in high quality/resolution. This section will provide these pics.
  4. Replacement parts/PCBs/ mods. These are our unique products.

Looking for helpers/business partners:

  • Web designers
  • Resellers of our products
  • Translators. Default language is EN. Main target languages are ES, FR, DE. Any other language is welcomed.
  • Techs/engineers who want to make some new products with us or who just want to cooperate with us in any way.

This database-like Website will allow everyone to post own repair procedure, restoring project and translation. More detailed rules will be published after this site will be reworked.

Please, use following email  to contact me!

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